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Big Spring Capital helps your money work harder, passively generating cash flow and building wealth for the long run through real estate.

Why apartment buildings?

Lower risk profile

Real estate is significantly less volatile than the stock market, and multifamily's low delinquency and foreclosure rates make it a recession-resilient investment.

Above-average returns

Investors in multifamily syndications routinely see average annual returns of 12% and above, as compared to the stock market's long-term average of 7% annually.

Passive cash flow

The income generated by an apartment building turns directly into passive cash flow (aka "mailbox money") for investors.

Unique tax benefits

In addition to tax code incentives that are only available to real estate investors, apartment building investors can leverage additional, asset-specific tax benefits.

Inflation hedge

As inflation pushes rents higher, it increases the value of a property, making multifamily one of the best ways to guard assets against inflation.

Positive demographic trends

Historically low home ownership rates coupled with an increasing population continues to drive the demand for apartment living higher and higher.

Meet our team

Dustin Bailey

Managing Partner

Dustin is a real estate investor with a passion for markets, investing, and personal finance. With a Big 4 consulting/auditing background, he has held leadership roles in organizations from small startups to Fortune 5 giants.

Dustin loves to help others do more with their hard-earned money, and founded Big Spring Capital to provide investors the ability achieve their dreams using the power of commercial real estate.

He's a graduate of the University of Tennessee (B.S., Finance), and is an avid UT sports fan. Dustin and his wife live in Greeneville, TN, where they are active in their church and local community.

Michael Blank

Strategic Advisor

Michael’s an entrepreneur through and through and passionate about helping people become financially free with real estate investing.

He’s the author of the Amazon bestseller “Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing” and host of the popular Apartment Buildings Investing Podcast.

He’s helped investors purchase over 7,600 units valued at $337M through his training programs. As CEO of Nighthawk Equity, he controls over $90M in performing multifamily assets all over the United States and has raised over $21M.

Jeremy LeMere

Strategic Advisor

Jeremy has been a real estate investor for more than 10 years. He has progressively grown his self-managed portfolio to include single family, duplex and multifamily properties in Northeast Wisconsin. He is also an investor in multifamily investments outside Wisconsin.

Jeremy is a former engineer and an operations focused individual. He earned his MBA in 2011 and has focused on real estate as a means to achieve financial freedom.

Today, he is focused on investment returns for his personal portfolio and co-investors. He seeks to bring value and high returns to any investments he and his co-investors are involved.


Don't you have to be super rich to invest in apartment buildings?

No! Thanks to the beauty of real estate syndications (the fancy term for multiple investors pooling their money to buy real estate), you can own a piece of this amazing asset class with a small minimum investment. No need for millionaire or billionaire status!

Is the money I invest safe? Is this a risky investment?

While there's some level of risk associated with any investment, real estate, and multifamily specifically, has one of the lowest risk profiles of any asset class. We make conservative assumptions when evaluating potential acquisitions, providing us and our investors with a margin of safety (which, according to Warren Buffet, are the three most important words in investing). Our primary objective in any acquisition is the preservation of investor capital.

What happens if there's a downturn in the economy?

Our best protection against an economic downturn is the ability to ride the downturn out, avoiding selling into a down market. We account for this in our conservative underwriting by ensuring that we can profitably hold the property longer than the planned investment period, potentially up to 10 years. Although certainly not ideal, it allows us to continue collecting cash flow while achieving our primary objective of preserving investor capital.

How much can I make if I invest?

Projected returns are specific to each property, but in general we target opportunities that will provide at least a 7% cash-on-cash return and at least a 12% average annual return over the life of the investment. Our projected returns always include all fees – no bait and switch here.

Can I invest using my retirement accounts (401(k) / IRA)?

Absolutely! You can set up a self-directed IRA with an IRA custodian that allows you to invest in real estate, including multifamily syndications. The process is easy and painless – we have a page coming soon with more information to guide you through the process!

How do you make money? Are you charging high fees?

We earn the vast majority of our returns on the cash flow and appreciation of a property, just like our investors. We have an ownership/equity stake in each deal alongside our investors, helping ensure alignment of interests – as our investors make more money, so do we. We're also very transparent about the fees we earn for each deal. These fees are built into the deal (you never pay them out of pocket), and we always project returns after accounting for these fees.

Does investing benefit the tenants of purchased properties?

Yes! Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, affordable place to live for the tenants of all properties we acquire. We aim to create thriving communities where tenants will not only stay, but also refer their friends and relatives. It’s a win-win: good for people but also good for business.

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